Acclaim Autism Receives Prestigious B Corporation Certification

B Corp Certification is a designation for a business that meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency.

Greater Philadelphia, PAAcclaim Autism, a distinguished provider of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy services for autism, is proud to announce its B Corporation Certification, marking a significant commitment to ethical practices, societal impact, and delivering unparalleled value to clients, staff, and stakeholders. This globally recognized standard for socially responsible businesses highlights Acclaim Autism’s dedication to high standards in various domains, including employee benefits, client impact, supply chain practices, and more.

Achieving this certification required Acclaim Autism to demonstrate exceptional social and environmental performance, surpassing a score of 80 in the B Impact Assessment and passing rigorous risk reviews. Acclaim Autism achieved a score over 108, significantly surpassing expectations. Additionally, the organization has made a legal commitment to restructuring its corporate governance to prioritize all stakeholders’ interests, and has embraced transparency by sharing its performance details measured against B Lab’s standards.

The B Corporation Certification designation comes as no surprise to those who have benefitted from Acclaim Autism’s professional services. The organization stands out in the ABA therapy field, bridging the gap between small-scale, quality-focused providers and larger, profit-driven entities. This unique approach allows the organization to offer personalized, impactful treatment while maintaining accessibility to a broader range of families in need.

Specializing in at-home ABA therapy services, Acclaim Autism caters to children impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) up to age 21. The organization is noted for its highly qualified therapists, individualized treatment plans tailored to each child’s specific needs, and exceptional customer service. Moreover, Acclaim Autism is committed to comprehensive family training and support in various settings.

Beyond delivering outstanding autism-related services, Acclaim Autism actively contributes to community welfare. The organization supports autism awareness initiatives and adopts eco-friendly practices, like a reduced paperless policy, showcasing its commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

“In a field with small ABA companies providing great service to a limited number of clients, and large companies focused too much on profit, we’re thrilled to be the organization that’s right down the middle providing quality individualized treatment, while growing at a moderate pace in order to not sacrifice quality,” says founder of Acclaim Autism, Jamie Turner. “This certification shows our commitment to individualized high quality treatment for our clients, providing a great place to work for staff, and balancing the needs of society and all stakeholders with the need to run a profitable organization.”

For more information about Acclaim Autism and its comprehensive autism care services, please visit or contact 888-805-8206.

About Acclaim Autism

Acclaim Autism specializes in comprehensive home-based ABA Therapy programs.  With a focus on families, the company strives to be the provider of choice in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Acclaim Autism’s goal is to provide the best ABA therapy and train the best therapists in the region.

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