Summer & Holiday Camps

School breaks can be stressful times for our families. Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) see breaks in routines, and often behavior regression. Acclaim Autism is proud to host holiday camps for the autism population to help maintain routine and keep building on skill acquisition – see below for more information.

Attending a holiday camp helps to maintain some structure and elements of routine during breaks from regular schedules. Camps are also an opportunity to engage with others of a similar age and ability to work on social skills.

Activities are fun and engaging, giving individuals an opportunity to learn while working alongside others. 1:1 support is often still available and can be coordinated by Acclaim Autism, with approval from insurance.

Three children about 10 years old and two female teachers participating in a social skills group

Camps 2024

Summer Camp:

Acclaim Autism is excited to staff summer camps at multiple locations in summer 2024. This is an opportunity for clients to maintain behavior and acquired skills from the school year over the summer. A great way to avoid regression, and to make progress towards goals.

  • Philadelphia, PA (Brewerytown): June 17 – August 23, 9:00am-4:00pm (ages 3-17; Transportation pick-up & drop-off is available in limited capacity for this location)
  • Lancaster, PA (Willow Street, PA Church Location): June 3 – August 21 8:30am-5:30pm (ages 3-17)
  • West Chester, PA (Acclaim Autism Location): June 17 – August 21, 9am-5pm (up to age 6)
  • Apply here! Space is limited.

Spring Break:

Thank you for our clients & staff that created a welcoming Spring Break camp!