School Support

A behavior consultant training teachers in a classroom

As experts in applied behavior analysis (ABA) behavioral therapy as well as educational support, we offer a range of school supports for students with special needs. This can be through 1:1 school support to individuals with special needs at times they need additional support. It can also mean supporting schools & districts themselves with:

  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Consulting Services


We provide 1:1 staffing for individuals with behavioral health disorders when it’s medically necessary. These services are usually funded by medical insurance. We can also provide other staff to support schools with a more diverse ranges of needs. All our staff come fully trained and from industry-leading training material, with comprehensive examinations. Regular ongoing supervision and added training are provided regularly.

  • Floater behavioral support staff (paraprofessionals) target specific times and classes that could benefit the most from professional behavior management.
  • Behavior Analysts conduct Functional Behavior Assessments FBAs), as well as other assessments depending on the unique needs of an individual.
  • Behavior Analysts create individualized behavior support plans that can be incorporated into an IEP.
  • Before & after school social skills groups.


We come to you and provide professional training by fully certified and experienced professionals. Our staff have experience teaching in a variety of settings, with many of them holding professional licenses & doctorate degrees. Topics include:

  • Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Classroom behavior management.
  • Supervising & supporting support staff.
  • A variety of topics targeted to paraprofessional skill improvement.
  • How staff can manage their own mental health.
  • SDI training (for standard education staff, too!)
  • How to collaborate with families.
  • Generalizing skills across settings.
  • How to support behavior development in a charter school environment.
  • Autism support class support strategies.
  • Other topics can be customized for the unique needs of your school or district.


Supporting individuals with special needs continues to be an important area to focus on. It isn’t always easy to provide this specialized support without deep internal subject matter expertise. Our experienced team of behavior analysts and consultants are here to help. Our staff are licensed or hold doctorate degrees (sometimes both), and are passionate about helping schools develop the skills and systems they need to support individuals with special needs. Specific topics we consult on:

  • COVID: school avoidance & return to school strategy development for individuals requiring added behavior support.
  • Program & compliance evaluations: ensure your school or district is meeting requirements in order to ensure continued access to state funds, and the right level of support to students and families.
  • Conducting functional behavior assessments (FBAs), as well as other assessments depending on the unique needs of an individual.
  • Developing behavior support plans.
  • IEP consulting.

Get in touch to learn more or discuss the unique needs of your school or district.