ABA Therapy, ABA Strategies and Service

ABA Mini-Documentary

Acclaim Autism developed a mini-documentary to help parents and caregivers understand what ABA entails. Listen to the experiences of some of the families we serve. Families tell their stories about the kids, how they learned about ABA therapy, what they experienced, and how ABA helped. If you’re early on in this journey, start by watching this video.

ABA Therapy Can Improve:

  • Language & Communication Skills
  • Memory
  • Academic Readiness
  • Social & Group Skills
  • Daily Living Improvements
  • Enhanced Caregiver Support

ABA Applied Behavior Analysis Overview

ABA therapy enables positive outcomes of increased desired behaviors in the child. Desired behaviors include things like communication. Focus is on a child’s environment, at home where they spend most time, and in the community.

Child Sitting In Chair With Colors Floating Around

It is a journey, not a quick fix. Upon implementation of an ABA strategy, kids typically undergo 20+ hours a week of therapy, with added support from family. Acclaim Autism helps you navigate treatment with regular check-ins, ongoing assessments, service coordination with other professionals, and family support training.

ABA Strategies

ABA strategies target increased desired behaviors. Every child on the spectrum is unique and needs a treatment plan tailored just for them, with your goals in mind. We use methods backed by leading scientific research to identify the root causes of behavior, and heavily leverage data collection as we adjust treatment plans to each unique individual.

An RBT working with client outside in a park at a picnic table

Family Support

Acclaim Autism’s industry-leading therapists tailor training for families, based on unique needs. The best outcomes are achieved when families partner with therapists to reinforce therapy.

This happens right in your home.

Our therapists can take the lead to coordinate ABA strategies between the family, child, and other providers.

Intensive 1:1 Therapy

Intensive ABA therapy is conducted by our highly trained Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT®) one on one with the child, at home. Usually, this is a fixed schedule, 20+ hours per week but every kid is unique. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®) conducts assessments & oversees treatment.

Service Coordination

Best results are achieved with a coordinated effort. We coordinate with other professionals to streamline treatment. Need an assessment? Speech-language pathologist, social worker, or even a dentist?

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ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis Service

We are partners in your child’s success. Engaging with an ABA service provider is a big step. You’ll have a Registered Behavior Technician spending a lot of time with your child, in your home, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst working you to ensure treatment plans match up with your goals.

Acclaim Autism takes time to learn the needs and goals of every child. We check in regularly with you to ensure services meet your expectations.

Getting Started

Upon diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a written order is normally provided by a qualified professional. ABA therapy is the typical treatment.

The next step is for one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts to conduct an assessment and create a treatment plan customized for your child. If other care is provided at school or elsewhere, we coordinate treatment plans with other providers.

The most effective ABA strategies typically involve both treatments for the child and family training for added support. Family can help reinforce what a kid learns in therapy since they spend the most time together.

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  1. Consult a professional to see if your child has Autism (get in touch if you need help with a referral)
  2. Our BCBA therapist will coordinate with other caregivers and conduct an assessment of the child
  3. Acclaim Autism creates a treatment plan customized just for your child, based on their unique needs
  4. Our RBT will provide ABA therapy in-home
  5. We provide family training & support and closely monitor your child’s progress

Your goals are important too. You can always have a free consultation.

Next Steps

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