Social Skills Groups

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other disorders often need help with social skills. Social skills can be learned in a structured group setting. Social skills groups offered by Acclaim Autism provide additional support for kids and adolescents. The group services are open to both existing clients and those who do not currently receive services. Group sessions are therapeutic with children of a similar age and social ability using components of an evidence based curriculum to guide these young learners. Group sessions will be an invaluable resource to start teaching life long skills, and gain the knowledge and confidence they need to interact and connect with others.

A social skills group playing a game together


Children and adolescents learn how to create connections, friendships, and relationships in a structured and educational setting. They learn valuable life skills, social functions and expectations, and emotion and conflict management. It gives children and adolescents the opportunity to gain experiences they might not have otherwise for high demand skills.


Acclaim Autism uses multiple evidence-based curriculums. PEERS was developed by UCLA for adolescents, young adults and preschoolers. The curriculum is a fit for individuals on the autism spectrum and other disorders whom motivated to overcome the social challenges associated with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and depression. The program imparts skills related to making and keeping friends, and counsels on handling conflict, rejection and bullying. Parent involvement is a key component of training social skills. We also use SkillStreaming and other curriculums based on the needs of each group and client.


Groups meet in our centers with others of a similar age. Sessions sometimes involve going outside. Group social skills are often funded by insurance.

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