Thank You

Thank you for signing that document!

Here are some tips to make ABA successful for the individual(s) you care about receiving ABA:

  1. Stay involved with treatment:
    • Participate in goal setting
    • Attend family training
    • Implement treatment yourself between sessions when our staff aren't around
  2. Keep appointment cancellations to maximum one per month
    • If we’re working on goals targeting social or communication skills, our therapist can join for activities like doctor’s appointments, field trips, and more.
    • Routine is extremely important for individuals receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA ) therapy, to achieve the best possible behavior outcomes.
    • Maintaining ongoing services with consistent staff is also important. Our staff rely on regular, ongoing sessions too.
    • Of course people occasionally get sick, both individuals receiving ABA and our staff, and when that happens, sessions would need to be canceled.