Acclaimate Early Childhood Program

Early intervention to develop skills is essential. Some research says every one hour of therapy at a young age can be equivalent to three hours later in childhood. Social skills can be learned in a structured group setting, with one to one therapy building skills on an individualized basis. Children learn 1:1 and are introduced to group settings as they progress through treatment.

Skill Areas Targeted

  • Early social responding & initiation
  • Play skills
  • Functional communication skills
  • Daily living skills
  • Early learner skills & school readiness
  • Individualized programming based on client need


Acclaim Autism bases our group social skills curriculum on Mission Cognition’s Play-Based Social Learning curriculum utilized for group social activities. Hours are determined by a medical assessment determination following an ABA assessment.

Parents or caregivers are required to attend at least one hour of parent training per month.


The Acclaimate Early Childhood program is currently available in our Philadelphia and West Chester / Chester County locations in Pennsylvania, and coming soon to Lancaster, PA and California.

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