Free Consultation – ABA Therapy, ABA Strategy, Insurance

About an ABA Strategy Consultation

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Navigating autism treatment can be confusing at first.

ABA therapy is the leading method for treating kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Customized treatment, normally 20+ hours per week of intensive therapy is typical. ABA strategies normally involve intensive treatment for the child, and family training for support. Insurance can cover both, but each case is different.

Since July 2008, Act 62 has ensured more insurance coverage for autism treatment. Coverage has increased from private insurers, and is also typically provided by Medical Assistance.

We can help you navigate treatment. A free consultation can help get things started.

In your free ABA therapy consultations, we will discuss by phone:

  • The unique needs of your kid
  • Behavioral goals
  • Importance of family training and support
  • We can talk with your insurance company for you

We’re here to help you at any stage. To prepare for a free consultation to see if ABA therapy is a good fit, bring as much information as possible:

  • Diagnosis or written order, if applicable
  • Have insurance card(s) handy
  • Other care your child is currently undergoing; this can include speech language therapy, working with a social worker, ABA therapy at school, and more
  • Desired targeted behaviors
  • Undesired behaviors we can work on modifying using various techniques such as replacement behaviors

The free consultation for ABA therapy is by phone, usually takes about 10-20 mins. It is just the first step in our service to guide you through ABA therapy. We work collaboratively with clients to ensure treatment plans are customized for each kid.

Following the consultation, Aspire Autism works with your insurance company and other care providers to coordinate treatment (you might hear the term IEP for Individualized Education Program). ABA therapy could also be provided in school by another therapist, and we coordinate an IEP with other providers to ensure maximum progress for your child.