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In Southern California, we provide structured social skills groups using applied behavior analysis (ABA) with the PEERS curriculum developed by UCLA. Children and adolescents learn how to create connections, friendships, and relationships in a structured and educational setting. They learn valuable life skills, social functions and expectations, and emotion and conflict management. It gives children and adolescents the opportunity to gain experiences they might not have otherwise for high demand skills.

Sessions are therapeutic with children of a similar age and social ability using components of an evidence based curriculum to guide these young learners. Group sessions are an invaluable resource to start teaching life long skills, and gain the knowledge and confidence they need to interact and connect with others.

Some of the skills that a child may be working on in a social skills group include:

✔️ Staying on topic.

✔️ Initiating a conversation.

✔️ Responding to a conversation.

✔️ Seeking and maintaining friendships.

✔️ Understanding and demonstrating empathy.

✔️ Trading, turn-taking, and sharing.

✔️ Accepting suggestions.

✔️ Understanding non-verbal and social cues.

✔️ Being flexible.

✔️ Following the rules during gameplay.

✔️ Functional play with toys.

✔️ Cooperating in play with peers.

✔️ Demonstrating appropriate body language.

✔️ Expressing appropriate emotions.

✔️ Understanding others’ perspectives.

✔️ Accepting being denied access.

Social Skills Groups are available throughout Southern California.

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